Cotton Field Session

This wonderful family comes to me each November for portraits. It’s so nice getting to know my clients, and makes for a comfortable session since we all know each other already. That’s one of the reasons I love doing engagement sessions before a wedding.

This year they asked for a cotton field. This late in the season, I wasn’t sure if we’d find one. We got lucky and found a beautiful field and the light was amazing!

Remembering A Veteran

I had planned to post this blog before veterans day. I was contacted by a couple that had an unusual photography request. David and Laura needed me to take a picture of a shadow box.

David’s father gave his life for his country during WWII. David was only 5 and he told me that he still remembered when his mother got the news. It was hard not to tear up as David spoke about the loss of his father.

David had beautiful, large shadow box that contained his fathers folded flag, medals and a newspaper article. David & Laura needed a picture of this shadow box so a print could be displayed at a WWII memorial.

This was completely out of my comfort zone, I take pictures of people! Then there was the glass that covered the shadow box that could not be removed. I told Laura and David that I was more than willing to accept this challenge but made them aware that this was not something I had done before and there was one major obstacle to overcome, glare.

I googled and I researched how best to do the job. I always want to give my client the best. I really wanted to get a beautiful image for Laura & David. This family has sacrificed so much for their country and this was so important to them.

Owen K Ellis, Thank you for your sacrifice


Saoirse is one of the most important people in my life, she is my oldest child. I’m not sure where the time has gone. It seems like yesterday she was a tiny baby, curious toddler, talkative little girl. Saoirse has been such a joy in our lives, my husband and I have truly enjoyed being her parents. She’s the oldest of 6 and she’s such a helpful big sister.

I wasn’t ready for her to grow up so quick. At 19 she was certain that she was ready for marriage. Saoirse & Jacob Godbout were married Oct 29 2016 at St Sylvester Catholic Church. I’m so happy for them and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

I dragged Saoirse over to Oak Hollow farm in fairhope Alabama http://oakhollow.farm http://oakhollow.farm. I knew it would be a beautiful location for her pictures. We had a car full. My mother in law tagged along with my 6 month old baby. My best friends, Jessica and her son came too. Jessica did Saoirse’s hair and makeup http://www.glamorousbyjessicasalort.com/blog. I had plenty complaints about the long ride but it was worth it! img_0027-4img_0003img_0020-7img_0033-12img_0036-14img_0039-16img_0056-19img_0098-31img_0113-38img_0119-41untitled-5

This beautiful woman is a fellow photographer. She’s use to being on the other side of the lens like most photographers are. I think she did a wonderful job in  front of the camera! This shoot was so fun! I was able to try out some new lightening techniques! Hair and make up by Jessica Salort of http://www.glamorousbyjessicasalort.com



I was up early the other day, getting some yard work done and enjoying the cooler weather we are finally getting here in the south, yay! I noticed in my backyard the sunrising and how beautiful it looked in my backyard. I don’t usually do sunset pictures in my backyard because of my neighbors fence. I had never considered a sunrise session. I got my two kids that were awake at such an early hour and grabbed my camera. untitled-15untitled-12untitled-13untitled-14untitled-17untitled-18untitled-19warmuntitled-20

This beautiful couple was married a year and a half ago. Due to work, they have not been able to live with each other. They’ve had visits here and there but of course, that’s just not the same. Finally, she is able to move across the country so they can live as a married couple for the first time. They celebrated with a session at Oak Hollow farm in Fairhope Alabama.



Fairhope Alabama/ Pensacola – Navarre Florida wedding photographer



Fairhope Alabama/ Pensacola – Navarre Florida wedding photographer


Fairhope Alabama/ Pensacola – Navarre Florida wedding photographer


Fairhope Alabama/ Pensacola – Navarre Florida wedding photographer


Fairhope Alabama/ Pensacola – Navarre Florida wedding photographer

Fairhope Alabama/ Pensacola/ Navarre Florida wedding photographer

Fairhope Alabama/ Pensacola/ Navarre Florida wedding photographer


Fairhope Alabama/ Pensacola – Navarre Florida wedding photographerwww.photoslet.com

Scouted for a new location to shoot. My good friend took me up to grassy point and I simple love this location!